Uniforms  & Equipment

               Basic kit includes

(1)   Federal McDowell pattern forage cap.

(2)   Federal issue  Dark blue 4 button sack coat.

(3)   Federal Issue sky blue trousers.

(4)   Cotton shirt or flannel

(5)    Wool socks (gray or Rag wool).

(6)   Jefferson Bootee or "brogan" black leather.

(7)    M1855 cartridge box and sling.

(8)    M1856 waistbelt (black Leather) U.S. buckle.

(9)    M1855 bayonet scabbard.

(10)  U.S. Haversack (black tarred canvas)

(11)  M1858 smoothside canteen  (dark blue wool or jean cloth)

(12)  M1853 three band Enfield rifle and bayonet

(14)  Infantry Sky  blue greatcoat

Though the 28th was issued a M1853 Enfield some in the unit have chosen to carry Spingfields.

Acceptable. M1861 Springfield, M1842 Springfield. No two band

The 28th Mass has a limited amount of loaner gear available, this will be used to fit out new soldiers first.

New recruits, we encourage you to have some of the basics uniform requirments by the end of your first year so that we are able to free up the loaner gear  for future new recruits.

Feel free to talk to a veteran before making your purchases.