Unit Bylaws




We in the 28th  Massachusetts try to study and understand and represent as much as possible the life of the  Soldier in the 28th Massachusetts. during the American Civil War. We strive for authenticity in uniform, camp and drill.  We welcome new members who would like to join our ranks to help us in our goal. Families are welcome! We pride ourselves in maintaining a clean, healthy and enjoyable atmosphere in our company.


 (1)     Unit dues and Funds

  1.     A)    28th Massachusetts Members are asked  to pay unit dues once a year, (Around January of each year). Unit dues cover unit expenses, including purchasing new loaner gear, unit tents and other equipment. It also covers some of the cost of printing flyers for recruiting purposes. Dues are currently $15 .00 for individual  $20.00 for family.
B)    Any purchases must be suggested at a meeting and have unit approval before the transaction takes place.


(2) Running of the Unit

  1. A)    Unit meetings will be held throughout the year. 
  2. B)     Only paid members and 14 years or older  are  permitted to vote or actively participate in unit meetings. Only paid members will be put on the unit roster .
  3. C)    Being a member of the 28th Massachusetts is a privilege, not a right. This privilege is revocable. If it is deemed necessary, the company can by a ¾ vote remove anyone from the unit.
  4. D)   A C.O. (Commissioned Officer) or the ranking NCO, (Non-Commissioned Officer), will command the unit at events. The commanding officer will have at least one NCO under him to assist in the running of the unit if numbers permit.
E)    There is no set number of events a member is required to attend, unless that individual is a CO or NCO.


(3)      IV Elections

  1. A)     Elections will be held once a year, normally between January and March,        Anyone is permitted to run for a NCO or CO rank provided they know the required knowledge, attend events regularly, have been a member of the unit at least one year and are capable of taking command of the unit.
B)   A  NCO or CO is permitted to retain his rank for an unlimited number of years provided the unit freely elects him to his position at the beginning of each year.



(3) Loaner Gear

  1. A)    The unit has a limited supply of loaner gear. We use it to outfit new recruits. All unit loaner gear has been purchased by the unit or donated by unit members.
  2. B)   Loaner gear is on a first come first serve basis, and will not be set aside for an individual
  3. C)   Loaner gear is also a privilege, the use of which is revocable at any time if necessary. The decision to revoke loaner gear remains with the CO and NCOs.
  4. D)   Anyone who loses or damages any loaner gear is required to replace what ever was lost or damaged.
E)    The corporal or other designated soldier will be in charge of loaner gear. He will keep track of it with everyone’s help. DO NOT take or drop of any gear with checking it in/out with the corporal.


(4) Safety

  1. A)   Safety is of the utmost importance! No one is permitted to go on the battlefield until they have taken and passed the
  2. A.C.W.A.’s safety tests. The unit Sergeant will go over the safe handling of the firearms we use, and will administer the safety tests after a suitable safety lecture.
  3. B)  A recruit must demonstrate to the CO that he has been properly educated in the handling of the musket. The CO will put all safety tests on file.
  4. C)   Under no circumstances will safety rules be bent or broken! If anyone is found intentionally bending or breaking safety rules, a penalty will be enforced.
  5. D)   This hobby is dangerous if the safety rules are not followed. You must be aware of yurself and those around you while on the field and in camp.
E)    Safety is the responsibility of every member! Do not presume your NCO/CO has seen a safety problem or violation. If you see an unsafe situation, immediately report it to your NCO or CO.



A Call To Arms
James Horner (Glory)